I talked at length yesterday about the chocolate milk that was spilled down my back.

It turns out that I was right. The two people were trying to rob me. The difference was that they succeeded.

They stole my iPad.

I did almost everything I was supposed to. My bag was on my front. I was hyper aware of who was touching me. I had too much to defend and they were skilled. The one extra step I could have done was lock the zipper pulls in the carabiner I have on either end of the bag. That was an $800 lesson learned.

I stopped by the concierge desk on my floor. She and the duty manager, Gaston Mourrut de Beauverger, told me they would help me file a report with the police. It could take several hours and the odds of the iPad's recovery was slim. I opted to enjoy my vacation.

The manager did offer to pay for my dry cleaning. As I returned to the room this evening my jacket, trousers, and shirt hung in my closet clean as a whistle.

The staff in this hotel epitomize good customer service. Everything has been top notch, but this was above and beyond the call.

My original entry is here: The Spilt Leche Incident. It posted Mon, 09 Jul 2012 21:23:38 +0000.

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