I've had/wanted to rebuild my work laptop several times over the past few months. Sometimes I have another machine nearby to validate what I'm adding. Lately that case is the exception. To help me remember and to share with all of the ones of you, here are my must have Firefox Add-Ons/Extensions:

Several of the above are from my Widescreen Firefox post (signified by a *). The others are primarily for security & privacy (signified by a !) or convenience (signified by a ^).

Since I'm away from my main machine I might have missed an extension, but t These are the mainstays of my Firefox experience.

In the Customize Toolbar dialog I enable "Use Small Icons" and remove the search bar, the home button, and the bookmarks button.

There are more customizations, but this is enough for now. I will post additional tweaks to this later.

The other todo is coming up with a good mechanism for distributing the various add-ons' configurations to other systems. Dropbox may be the obvious solution, but check back here for updates.

Has this been helpful to you? What are your must have extensions or tweaks to Firefox? I didn't even get into my about:config adjustments. Those will be updated here, too.

My original entry is here: My Firefox Extensions & Tweaks. It posted Fri, 07 Dec 2012 01:59:33 +0000.

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