… but only temporarily.

We haven't podcasted lately, as you may have noticed. Both Ed and Paul had unscheduled family events that required attention. During part of that window Paul then Ed took some well earned vacation time.

I (Paul) asked @JimmyVo and @lil_lost and @timothydeblock and others to fill in with me as guest hosts during Ed's absence. And then I dropped the ball, leaving them and others in the lurch.

I apologize to you, the listener. I apologize to the folks who offered to help out, and I am reaching out to them directly as well.

While you, the listener, will undoubtedly have to listen to me apologize again, know that a valuable lesson was learned and we're here to dissect ourselves when one of us screws up.

Look forward to that episode.

UPDATE: this update was supposed to have gone out on 11 Dec. We clearly have a scheduled post issue.

My original entry is here: Dog Ate Podcast. It posted Mon, 22 Dec 2014 01:04:14 +0000.

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