In Ep 20: employment quizzes; environmental barriers to learning; the pure charismatic leader & how to deal; oil & gas cyber security; car pooling with "The Most Interesting Man In The World".

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest thrilling instalment of the PVC Security podcast. This is episode 20 in a collector's series.

Ed is back, and so are the intro and outro duets. YMMV.

Paul & Ed catch up and talk about those quizzes companies like potential new hires to complete. Ed shares his experience with them. Team PVCSEC offers their recommendations about how to deal with such tests, less creatively than Hannibal Lecter allegedly did, we hope.

Paul brings up the issue of the pure charismatic leader, someone who's interpersonal skills and charm outweigh any real ability.

Ed get's all oil & gas (no reflection on him) security conscious.

The team wax wistful about driving in the HOV/Car Pool lane with The Most Interesting Man In The World one way or another.

Plus quick hits, your comments, the Community Calendar, and more!

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Show Notes:

Hágame el favor compadre "Debe"

llegue a esa ventana marroncita

toque tres canciones bien bonitas

que a mi no me importa si se ofenden (bis)

Que yo las canto con el alma,

para esa linda morenita

de la ventana marroncita,

a donde duerme mi adorada (bis)

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