Dear Friends,

Cast your mind's eye way, way back to the halcyon times that ensconced the early days of the fourth quarter of 2014.

The World didn't need "Yet Another Information Security Podcast" (YAISP). We resolved ourselves to give The World exactly that.

PVC Security would be fun above all else - at least for us. We would sing and make jokes and laugh and enjoy our time. Whomever felt like they wanted to join in on our odd endeavor, they were welcome.

Paul, Ed, and Tim exploited a gap in the podcast space. That you, the Listener, might enjoy our takes on security and leadership and data science and communications and a grab bag of miscellany provided the icing on the proverbial PVC Security podcast cake (#podcake?).

What changed this experiment from a lark to something more is because of you, Dear Friends, as Listener and/or Guest.

We want you to consume and contribute and let others know about our little community. Contribute via email at or via Twitter @pvcsec.

Here's to seeing you here in another six months!

THX & Share & Enjoy!

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