In this episode: Non-traditional leaders, security incident denial, post breach changes, and faking it until you make it!

Dear Friends,

At long last the global wait is over. Behold! A new PVC Security podcast!

In part one of the Moose Preserve Session, Ed & Paul talk all kinds of security and leadership with a taste of restaurant life in the background. This was an experiment, where the lessons learned will help us with future recordings.


Non-traditional security leaders - These are folks for whom InfoSec isn't their primary career.
Companies denying or lying about security breaches
When Tech Companies Betray Consumers, Why Don't They Own Up to It? - Sorry consumers, companies have little incentive to invest in better cybersecurity
Is changing authentication after a security breach as much to do with security as it is PR and damage control?
Fake It Til You Make It - How To Fake it Till You Make It Without Being Deceitful

Show Notes:

Yes, I know those aren't moose or buffalo in the lead picture.

Volunteers welcome!

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