I like busy.

Describing this week as "jam packed" epitomizes the understatement. I shall spare you, Dear Reader, from the run down. Yet I felt energized, more than at any time in recent memory.

I'm mentoring several people, officially and otherwise. I finally made it back on PVC Security Podcast for the first time in weeks (months?). I stepped in last minute to help an account team respond to an Request for proposal, an experience I'll write in detail once the dust settles. I interviewed prospective IBM employees. I attended training. Of course, I continued supporting my current client engagement with aplomb. I traveled about 6,000 miles.

That is a jam packed week by any account. Home front items require my attention. Perhaps I can parlay this energy into the required action.

My colleague, unofficial mentee, and new friend Andrew and I toured (read: wandered somewhat aimlessly in) Brussels. I'll write about it over on ESG soon. Tomorrow, Ghent!

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