My first "real" job out of college was at a large engineering company, and the most annoying part (for me) was packing a lunch. I became convinced that mediocre brown bag lunches were just part of the deal of adulthood, but this was woefully incorrect. With just a few condiments and spices hidden in my drawer, I could have taken my sad little lunches from "woefully bland" to "hey, this is actually edible."

Source: Stock Your Office Drawer with Everything You Need for Tastier Work Lunches

Over on the PVC Security Podcast, the boys and I extol the virtues of finding your energy and focus. Making the most out of your lunch (or dinner), especially when you can't break away for real down time, makes a difference.

Back in the day I kept soy sauce, hot sauce, sardine tins, spices, and whatever utensils I might need the office couldn't supply. If the sun shined directly in my office, herbs instead of Ficus would populated my work place.

I used my culinary supplies so often and sang their praises, co-workers and colleagues would drive by my desk if they need a "little something".

Sometimes the little things make all the difference.

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