Linux Journal on Scimax:

Over at the Linux Journal, Joey Bernard has a nice article on John Kitchin's scimax. I've written about scimax before but for those who came in late, it's a collection of Emacs and Org mode tools to make using reproducible research methods for performing and writing about research easier.

If you're doing research and especially if you're publishing your results you really should check out scimax. A good way to see what it can do for you is to take a look at its manual or by watching Kitchin's video

(Via Emacs - Irreal)

I love the stuff John Kitchin has come up with. Bits and bobs can work in your config even if you're not doing research.

My original entry is here: Linux Journal on Scimax. It posted Tue, 09 Jan 2018 03:47:00 +0000.

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