'Move fast and break things' isn't a worthy slogan by Seth Godin:

&because 'breaking things' isn't the point of your work.
How about, "Move fast and make things better,"
"Move fast and create possibility"?
The reason we hesitate to move fast is that we're worried about what that implies.
Move fast and learn something.
Move fast and take responsibility.
Move fast and then do it again because now you're smarter.
The alternative is to move slow. To move slow and to hide.
Which means that those you sought to connect, to help and to offer something to will suffer as they wait.
Don't hoard your work. Own it and share it.
I never liked the "… and break things" part of the slogan either. What happens when you move fast and it works?
I like the agile thinking there but there are plenty of use cases where moving slow is the more appropriate approach. Security, QA, and A/B testing are three examples where taking time to do it right is better than rushing out a half-baked solution.
There are use cases where moving backwards is needed in order to make a bigger move forward. For example, killing off a moderately successful product to launch something remarkable.
In general, don't invest too much capital in "fortune cookie" wisdom without some critical thinking.

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